Women In Family Business-The Importance of Clarity

By Patricia Annino, J.D., Thomas Davidow, Ed.D. & Cynthia Adams Harrison, Ed.D., LICSW

The Importance of Clarity

The more you and your husband agree to treat the business as a performance arena in which preparation is everything, the more productive your child will be. Similarly, the clearer you can be in terms of creating structures, the better off your child will be when he does enter the business. Being proactive about creating routines through governance structures or through accurate job descriptions is very helpful. If your child is already working in the business, you and your husband can discuss how to create sensible structures with appropriate boundaries. Everyone performs better when they know what’s expected and what the rules are.

Be Informed-Be Influential – Points to Remember

  • If your husband resists talking to you about the business or is upset about something at work and won’t share why, don’t take it personally and don’t give up.
  • Men and women really are different in how they think, behave, feel good about themselves and communicate.
  • When you set a limit for your husband, you are actually encouraging him: You are telling him that he is capable of achieving his goals as a businessman, husband and father.
  • It is possible to find the balance between creating objective criteria for your child’s performance in the business and maintaining family harmony.
  • There’s a difference between granting your child the automatic right to work in the business and giving him the opportunity to do so.
  • Things go best when there is consistent communication between you and your husband and between both of you and your child.

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