Why Consider a Grandchildren’s Summer Camp?

Due to the complex changes in the family dynamic later in life, many people in the ‘grandparent’ stage are finding the need to update their estate plans to include their grandchildren.  One of the most challenging parts for both the grandparent and grandchild, is having a good understanding of who they are and what their Summer Camp Imagefuture needs might hold.

I believe this is due to not having a strong connection from generation to generation.  I recently attended a three day conference for Business Families Foundation in Montreal and heard one of the founders, Nan-b de Gaspe Beaubien, speak about the grandchildren’s summer camp that she and her husband have hosted each summer.

It sounds like a wonderful way for grandchildren to come together and work on projects with their grandparents (and without parent involvement or attendance). It opens up a great way for grandchildren to bond and work on projects together and bind that generation together in ways not considered before.

I am sure this is especially helpful if there is a family business or family foundation involved. It allows for critical knowledge to be passed from generation to generation in a fun and lasting way.

Additionally, if there is any conflict at the child level it provides a wonderful forum for the next generation to leave that at home and bond in a new way.  Paving the way for closer relationships and increased knowledge from grandparent to grandchild, these camps could make for an important tool in helping grandparents, and parents make better estate planning decisions, especially where a family business or family foundation is involved.

While these grandchildren’s summer camps may not be widely available throughout the US,  it doesn’t mean that we can’t find, or start something similar in our own area.


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