You need this candid, no-nonsense financial survival tool if you have concerns about your financial future but keep getting “Oh, now Dear, you don’t need to concern yourself with all that complicated financial stuff” from the Good Ole Boys. Annino’s book, written in a candid, no-nonsense style, is a practical tool you can put to work right now; not just another financial book filled with legalese and fluff. You will get the sense that she actually cares about her clients, who serve as examples in the book – and you. And that’s a good thing!

By David Howell

Annino’s book provides the basic legal knowledge women need to deal with problems such as caring for elderly parents or young children, preparing for death or disability of self or spouse, whether to buy insurance, etc. However, there is no dry legalese: the advice is straightforward and abundantly illustrated with interesting stories from her law practice. In chapters aimed at women in various stages (divorcing, single, married, etc.) Annino seems to be having a personal conversation directly with the reader, offering lots of practical advice. Even has a fashionably pretty cover! Ladies: start your studies with this book.

By 2/ForTheRoad – Boston, MA

If you do, this book is ESSENTIAL! After watching my own mother struggle with her mother’s various illnesses and lack of finances needed to cover the skyrocketing costs, I vowed not to let that happen to me. Ms. Annino’s guide outlines, in an easy-to-follow manner, the steps you need to take in order to protect the ones you love from financial heartache. And let’s face it, women in this country are the CFO’s of their households and too often, not educated about how to protect and plan their estate (I know I wasn’t!). Reading this book and implementing the simple steps that Ms. Annino suggests can save you and your loved ones tens of thousands of dollars…and that is time well spent.

-By Book Diva

Here, at long last, is a book that provides women a roadmap of the financial world. No matter how hectic your life might be, this book is worth the time to read. Patricia Annino’s depth of expertise is demonstrated through storytelling. She makes it easy to face financial questions that are so often emotionally intimidating. Whether you are single, married, divorced or widowed, whether you are living alone or responsible for others, this book is a gem precisely because it raises the right questions and provides a menu of answers. This book stands to become a classic. Mothers will sent copies to their daughters with notes in the margin. Young single women will read the book in their 20’s and go back to it again and again as their life unfolds.

-By Eleanor R. Mulvaney

As an attorney practicing in the field of estate planning, I read Patricia Annino’s book hoping to find it a good resource for my women clients. Not only will I be reommending Women & Money to my clients, but am giving a copy to my mother for Mother’s Day this year! The book presents a lot of complicated estate planning, financial, and tax matters in easy to understand terms with clear and realistic examples that women can easily relate to whether they are single, married, divorced, or widowed. In addition to explaining the legal aspects of planning, Patricia gives great tips, hints, and practical advice throughout the book. I definitely recommend it.

-By Lynn Buskey

As an author and a practicing attorney in the field of estate planning, I am always on the lookout for materials, particularly readable books, that clearly, simply, and accurately explain some of the unfortunately complicated issues that clients must understand in developing and planning their estates. This concern is a bit compounded when one is dealing with women clients, since in many instances their circumstances are often unique. Thus, I was positively thrilled with the publication of Attorney Annino’s book, “Women & Money.” In a clear and accurate way, Patricia covers virtually every issue that women face in planning their estates. I cannot recommend the book more highly, and in fact I am planning to purchase a supply of copies to give to my own clients.

-By Alexander A. Bove, Jr. Boston, MA

This is an excellent read for the lay person trying to either understand what the steps are to plan her disposition wishes or confrm that she has put everything in the proper order. The author writes in clear easy to understand language and neatly summarizes the key points of each chapter at the end of each chapter. Women need to take more care of their financial life and reading this book can be the first step.

By Peter T. Jaworski

This is a MUST READ for all women by an expert in the field. The book explains in simple, clear language how women can protect their assets and plan for the future. This isn’t just for women with large estates but for single, divorced, widowed and wealthy women of all ages. It makes it very clear why estate planning is essential for all of us, and gives numerous easy to understand examples throughout the book. Make it your New Year’s resolution to get your estate plan in place.

-By Rhoda H. Weinman – Nantucket, MA

Are you concerned about the future? What could happen to you and your family? This book answers your questions. It explains in plain English (not legalese) what the law is. It gives you the basics to understand what you have, what you need and what will happen if someone dies, is incapacitated or gets divorced. The striking real life scenarios make you realize these things can happen to anyone. Are you prepared?

– By 50yearyoungwoman – Palm Beach County, FL

During my 25 years as an estate planning and probate lawyer, I have hoped to find a book that would clearly explain, in layperson’s terms, the estate planning process and its importance at various times in one’s life: when facing the death of a spouse, divorce, one’s parents’ aging issues, leaving children with special needs, and, of course, one’s own mortality. This is that book! That it is written for women, and by a woman, is just the icing on the cake! Ms. Annino demystifies estate planning and offers invaluable “Tips” and practical “Strategies” throughout the book. She empowers women to participate fully and intelligently in planning for themselves, whether as a part of a couple or not, and she translates and explains the tax and probate laws and the various “terms of art” that govern estate planning choices in a clear and concise way.

-By Susan M. Miller – Santa Fe, NM

For those women who thought, “it’ll never happen to me”, this book is for you. In clear, concise, unadulterated honesty, Patricia examines the scenarios we all think someone else is taking care of for our benefit. Patricia examines, with down to earth and very real examples, the situations each and every women needs to consider when thinking long term about life and the challenges it presents. She encourages women to take control of their estate planning and related financial planning. She teaches women to act in their own best interest and to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. By the way – how will you pay the bills? and how will you take care of yourself and/or your children? I wish I read the book years ago, but I’m glad I read it today.

– By The New Sheriff in Town – Boston, MA

 More than ever, America’s money may be in the hands of women. “Women and Money: A Practical Guide to Estate Planning” is a guide to inheritance and women, as Patricia M. Annino advises women on the legal issues that come in inheritance and understanding the issues that come with female inheritance, and how to set up legal contingencies for this new money. With sage advice that anyone should consider, “Women and Money” is a must for any woman who doesn’t want to bungle the money that is coming to them.

-By Midwest Book Review – Oregon, WI 


Women in Family Business explores the purview of women who are not themselves founders of family businesses but who nonetheless impact and are impacted by them. The authors take a candid look at the constellation of roles these women play in the family business arena including spouse, mother, widow, stepmother, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, and sister-in-law. The reader is taken through challenges they may face as well as given practical solutions to work around some of the challenges that may arise. This book focuses less on the business and more on the impact the business has on their roles as the family businesses evolve. The authors provide a look into the developmental, emotional and psychological perspectives of these women and the influence they have on their family businesses. An interesting read that could well be helpful to women and men alike. Renée Montoya Lado M.S., N.C.C President, Strategic Designs for Learning Family Owned Business Network Book Review Chair & Editor Natalie McVeigh, MBE Research Analyst, Strategic Designs for Learning Family Owned Business Network Senior Book Reviewer

I wish this book had been around when we were involved in our family business! It is a comprehensive guide with extensive examples and very practical bullet points at the end of each section. The different scenarios or case studies rang so true. And, although the realities are shocking and jarring to me (i.e. how women are STILL often regarded as second class citizens in family businesses), it is certainly better to be aware of the many pitfalls and develop a pro-active strategy. A must-read not just for the women in a family business but everyone involved!

-By B. Conen

Excellent advice for every women involved, or about to become involved in a family business. I also encourage the male in a family business to pick up a copy to get valuable insights on often-overlooked issues that happen every day in family businesses. As a family business coach, I encounter the issues described in the book, and many more, on a regular basis. Moreover, having experienced many of the issues described in my own life – first as the oldest daughter and sister to a younger brother working in a family business, then marrying into a family business and becoming the daughter/sister-in-law, and as the widow of the successor son – I find that the authors did an excellent job in capturing the main issues females deal with in a family business. For the spouse, the book provides excellent insights and advice what you should be aware of concerning succession and continuity planning (chapter 3), and estate planning (chapter 5). The information described, is often not included in a way that serve your best interest when succession and estate plans are made. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of the issues and take a pro-active stand. The book is an excellent starting point. In addition, I agree with the information on what you should know as a spouse, mother, daughter-in-law, aspiring family business leader etc. It takes a shift in attitudes and you need to see things for what they are. I remember, while growing up, I made a promise to myself never ever to marry a man who had his own business, based on what I saw around me – my own family and that of friends. As things went, I married into one and started to remember what my mother told me. The advice she gave me was priceless. The authors captured many of the things and is a `must’ read not only for the women already married into a business, but also for the ones about to do so. Every family business is unique and, therefore, has a set of unique challenges; I find the authors captured the main issues and provide valuable advice and insights that can help you in your situation. One bit of advice – while reading the book keep in mind that the book is organized around the roles of women in family business, and the issues as it relates to that specific role.

– By Margit Willems Whitaker – Baltimore, MD

As an author, I loved the format. It’s easy to read with practical solutions to some common problems for women in family business. As the book shows, you don’t have to take a paycheck to experience the challenges in a family business. Wish I’d had this little jewel 20 years ago when I married a man with loads of family business issues!!! Congrats to the authors.

 -By Laura Colin

Since this book is written from the perspective of the female as wife, daughter, stepdaughter and daughter in law, as a male I cannot completely place myself in the role of the target audience. However, as someone with a family business and the father of a daughter that has been working for that business for eight years, she is now seventeen; I do have a great deal of expertise regarding the subject matter. Also, I can understand the perspective of the male roles referenced by the case studies. The authors do a superb job in describing many of the situations that can arise in the course of the development of a family business and how it is treated as an asset to be passed on to members of the family, whether the relation is genetic or marital. One of the best points of the book is the mention of the brutal reality that there are situations where it is best to just sell the business off and split the assets. That may be anathema to the person who built the business, but in some cases it is really the only option that preserves any value. People that built businesses, and most of the examples in this book are male, tend to be strong, confident personalities. Transferring the somewhat abstract entity of the business and any assets to others is a complex task fraught with many ways in which resentment can be created. While the authors obviously could not present and resolve every possible situation, they do cover enough ground so that you will be able to find advice that will be applicable to your situation, whatever it may happen to be.

– By Charles Ashbacher – Marion, IA

Being married to a business owner for over 15 years, I thought this book was very helpful and I appreciated the psychological and relational approach. It is very difficult to find information that specifically deals with roles women have in the family business, but who do not work in the business. I liked the practical advice and I related to the scenarios provided. There are a lot of women and men who would benefit from reading this book.

 -By Kimberly A. Leone

For anyone interested in the interpersonal dynamics of women in family businesses, this is a great book. The authors bring a wealth of experience and smarts to the field. They understand that there are differences in the way men and women see the world, and the authors are not afraid to bring those difference to light. I would highly recommend this book to any women with any kind of relation to a family business (whether they are a wife, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, etc.). In addition, men would also benefit from understanding the unique perspective of the women in their business as well. Thank you to the authors for doing such a great job bringing a challenging topic to light.

 -By Steve Austin – Brookline, MA

A very helpful and practical guide, based on real experience with both the problems and solutions posed by the complexities of families and business

– By George F. Burns – Portland, ME 


Crack the $$ Code by Patricia Annino seems like it would only be for working women. I don’t think. The subtitle of this book is “What successful men know and you don’t (yet)”. I think this book can be used by any woman whether working or not. In it, she explains certain things that men just seem inherently driven to do while we as women are not. They would seem to be things that would come naturally but being a woman and being driven by the wanting everyone to love me feelings, they don’t. It’s something that I need to work on. This book gives women the tools to do just that. Whether you are a working woman or a non-working woman, i think you will come away from this book learning something about yourself and learning some tactics you can do to make your life easier. This will definitely be a book that I will read over and over to refresh my memory of what I need to do in order to make my life more productive.


Patricia M, Annino has written a great book for Women who want to be successful in life.The chapters have everything from setting goals,Knowing your own worth,and taking risks. Patricia writes that women spend a great amount of time focusing on the needs and wants of everyone else in there lives,but themselves.This is a key Strength,but also a key weakness. She uses an example of the flight attendant telling you to put the oxygen mask over your own face first,before your young child.You have to take care of yourself first before you have the strength to take care of everyone else. “Cracking the Money code” teaches you how to be as successful as Men.There’s even websites for Image consultants and Strategic coaches to help even more. The last page has a great quote from Carrie Fisher that sums up this entire book,”There is no point at which you can say,”Well I’m successful now,I might as well take a nap.”

By Bob Waskiewicz – Wintersville, OH

Ms. Annino’s book was an easy read with useful insights. I am 50 and have lived through most of the scenarios described by Ms. Annino but did not implement her advice because her book hadn’t been written yet. While I garnered advice that I can use now in my current workplace, I strongly recommend this work as must read for young women starting out in their careers. You may think you know everything about the struggles of women in the workplace but I thought the same – I was wrong. Ms. Annino uses her own career and its evolution to share and teach what she has learned the hard way. Her lessons are worth the time to read this book. You may think it doesn’t apply today but I think you will find that, when the Cracking the $$ Code: What Successful Men Know And You Don’t (Yet)e situations hit you, you will remember and use Ms. Annino’s advice.

By Jane A. Emerson “Been There” – Chicago, IL

Women commonly make less than men, but is it sexism or something else? “Cracking the $$ Code: What Successful Men Know and You Don’t(yet)” is a guide to getting what you deserve as a woman of the working world. Encouraging women to fight for their own value and how to win the war for worth, Patricia Annino gives women a wide variety of tips and tricks. “Cracking the $$ Code” is an intriguing and highly recommended read for women who want more out of their careers.

By Midwest Book Review – Oregon, WI

In this publication, Annino (B.A., Smith College, 1978; J.D., Suffolk University, 1981; LL.M , Taxation, Boston University, 1982; partner, Boston law firm of Prince Lobel Glovsky & Tye, L.L.P.; author of many articles and publications, not limited to Women & Money, A Practical Guide to Estate Planning and Women in Family Business. What Keeps You Up at Night?), a nationally recognized authority on estate planning with more than 20 years experience serving the estate planning needs of families, individuals, and owners of closely held businesses, sets forth a to-the-point, easy-to-read guide for women professionals, business owners, executives, and others hoping to jumpstart or get-ahead with their careers and earn more money. The author sets forth important “code cracking” lessons, strategies, and tips that successful men know, but women have to learn. In seven chapters, each of which is ended by a list of strategies covered within the chapter, Annino discusses knowing your worth, setting goals, getting and negotiating a contract, partnering, creating a professional image, taking risks, persisting, and many subtopics, not limited to delegating, marketing yourself, branding yourself, playing outside the box, finding mentors, building business, becoming web savvy, improving your time management skills, being creative, and more. She fills each chapter with many valuable insights gained from years of practicing law. While numerous other books have been written for women on the topics of moving forward and getting ahead professionally, this book distinguishes itself in terms of its no-nonsense, concise, personal approach to the subject by a woman who has ascended from the lower ranks of a business organization by means of experience. Lacking an index but including a table of contents and list of selected, recommended resources, this nicely-organized, well-written, and sufficiently well-documented, publication will interest mostly general readers and some women in business hoping to find a clear, quick, and sound introduction filled with useful advice. Not comprehensive or definitive, it belongs in many large public library collections as a supplementary resource.

-By C.A. Lajos

As an executive/career coach who has worked with women from Fortune 50 companies to entrepreneurs and artists, I could not recommend Annino’s book more highly. She is a no-nonsense tax-estate attorney with a gentle touch, eager to share what she has learned from watching women of all ages sell themselves short when it comes to money. It’s simple once you think about it, but it’s real, and it’s everywhere. Let Attorney Annino tell you what’s really important about taking care of yourself financially–because no one else will!

By Barbara Reinhold – Easthampton, MA

Og Mandino, Norman Vincent Peale and now comes Patricia Annino. I must admit when I first picked up Cracking the Code I thought, what could I gain from such a short book? A lesson learned, never judge a book by it’s cover………..or size! Cracking the Code contains the key principles for health, wealth and happiness. They are lessons we may know but don’t know how to apply, or may not know and think “hey, why didn’t I think of that?” Chapter one captured me! It was easy to understand yet I read it three times because I could not believe the power packed into the first chapter. I don’t want to give anything away on this MUST read. The author has geared the book towards women, but my recommendation to the men who want to be successful, pick up this book. It is a book on success, but it is also motivational and a road map of sorts on how to achieve what you want by simply asking. I read quite a bit and this is one of the best self help, motivational and inspiring books on Cracking the Code of successful business people.

By Linda Mancini – Bristol, NH


“Thank you VERY much for your outstanding presentation last night to the Estate Planning Council in Portland, OR.  I thought your speech was spot on and well presented.  It was especially meaningful to me because I have started drafting a book. Many of the stories you highlighted gave me much food for thought.”

by Kim Rosenberg, Rosenbaum Financial

“Patricia presented a dynamic estate planning lecture during a luncheon with the university’s UO Women membership, in Portland, OR, and then addressed a group of development and estate planning professionals at an afternoon reception. The woman has endless energy and enthusiasm for her topic. At both events, our guests were impressed by Patricia’s programs. University staff were delighted to share the wealth of her expertise and information with friends and colleagues.”

by Candace Horter, University of Oregon


“Patricia Annino’s book and presentation of, Women and Money, is an engaging discussion of the many legal issues surrounding financial health and wellbeing that women need to know. Through the use of relevant examples, Ms. Annino keeps the “discussion” a lively learning experience.  This book, and Ms. Annino’s programs, are a must for women, regardless of their financial capacity!”

by Carla Rathbun, Development Director, BREAST FRIENDS


Patricia spoke to a group of women at our Temple in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Patricia has an ability to cover a broad range of topics concerning money and estate planning and motivates her audience to take action. The response from her speech was outstanding as she really engaged the audience.

~ Ralph J. Rotman, CLU, ChFC, AEP

Patricia Annino was superb. She blends knowledge with humor and the audience really responds. She is skilled at making technical information easy to understand. Women and Money is a must read — Patricia is a must see.

~ Elizabeth Hill, Assistant Director of Planned Giving, Northeastern University

We survey our attendees at the end of the School of Life. On a scale of 1(lowest) to 5(highest), Patricia received a 4.73 from 90 respondents and was among our top speakers. In addition, Patricia was named numerous times in the comment section of “What topics did you find most useful?”

~ Judy D., Securities, Inc.

“Loved the real life examples provided by Patricia that helped to get an idea of some things that cause barriers but aren’t spoken of”


“Patricia was riveting and topical”


“Patricia was excellent and I very much enjoyed her”


Out of a possible perfect score of 5, she earned a 4.85 in terms of being “knowledgeable, engaging, providing actionable information, professional, and relevant”