Six Things Every Women Needs to Know About Estate Planning

Patricia Annino Radio Interview April 6, 2011

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90% of all American women will be making financial decisions on their own due to being widowed, divorced or unmarried. Women stand to inherit trillions of dollars in the next decade.  Ultimately, women will be the ones affected by financial, retirement and estate planning selections that were made correctly, incorrectly  or…not made at all. We strongly recommend every woman, whether married, single widowed, or about to be married, take a pro-active approach to her special financial requirements to ensure her needs are met during her lifetime and her legacy to loved ones and any charity is fulfilled.

April 6, 2011 at 7:00 PM EDT on the Lange Money Hour, CPA/Attorney, Jim Lange, hosts Patricia Annino – a pioneer and expert in women’s financial issues.  Patricia is an ideal guest for two reasons.  First, she is extremely articulate and thoughtful on issues critical to women.  Second, she has the expertise to back up her opinions. 

She is a partner at Prince Lobel, a top Boston law firm.  She has a Master Degree in Tax from Boston University.  She is an author of two “high brow” professional estate planning texts.  She is also the author of Women and Money: A Practical Guide to Estate Planning.  This is an excellent book geared toward consumers.  Nicole DeMartino, our Marketing Director, devoured the book and said it is the best book for women and estate planning she has read. 

Patricia believes that ALL women regardless of age or income level should have an estate plan.  Her six strategies which include how to plan your estate, avoid taxes, make decisions, create wealth, focus on yourself and focus on your loved ones will provide you an easy-to-follow framework so you too can get your own affairs in order, regardless if you are married.  Together, Jim and Patricia will discuss her six strategies and offer their very best advice on how women can plan appropriately regardless of their stage in life. 

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