Protect Your Mom for Mother’s Day

estate planningAs Mother’s Day approaches, I am reminded of those times when I was just not sure of what to give my Mom on her special day.  I recall a time when I helped get her estate planning and affairs in order, and how much she appreciated the peace of mind that it allowed her once the process had been completed.  Now that she has Alzheimers disease I am very glad we had that conversation and she had the ability to put her affairs in order. I am also glad we had the opportunity to discuss what type of care she wanted and how that should be managed.

Whether you’re looking to support your Mom, or get your own house in order, take this time to make sure that, much like you normally focus your time as a Mom making sure that everyone else is protected and safe throughout the year, that you and yours are, too, as it relates to your estate planning needs.

It reminds me of what the flight attendants say every time the plane takes off, if the barometric pressure changes and the oxygen mask drops from the sky, put the mask over your own face first…it is only when you do that, and protect yourself, that you can know that you are strong enough to protect the others you by instinct protect.

What a wonderful gift to you and your family at a time when we pause to honor you on Mother’s Day.


Patricia Annino is a sought after speaker and nationally recognized authority on women and estate planning.  She educates and empowers women to value themselves and their contributions in order to ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS in the world – and in so doing PROTECT THEMSELVES, those they love, and the organizations they care about.  Annino recently released an updated version of her successful book, Women and Money: A Practical Guide to Estate Planning to include recent changes in the laws that govern how we protect our assets during and beyond our lifetime.  To download Annino’s FREE eBook, Estate Planning 101 visit,

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