Key Tasks to Implement a Long Term Wellness Plan

Implement a fundamentally holistic plan for longevity that will maximize long-term wellness and lifespan. Dan Carlin, M.D., founder of World Clinic, a concierge medical services noted in (2011) for this type of a Clinic Imageplan to be successful there are several key tasks to fulfill:

  • Retrieve and summarize medical records. Gather all existing medical records, then identify and summarize the core data; past medical history and physical exam findings to date, active medical conditions, allergies, medications, family/genetic risk and lifestyle variables.
  • Match the findings of the records review against a best practices checklist. This an essential step to identify what is missing in the baseline information set. Specifically this identifies problems that have gone unaddressed or are currently undermanaged.
  • Execute a comprehensive baseline health evaluation unique to the patient.
  • Based on the cross match of their records against the best practices checklist, create a detailed list of the necessary exams and labs to fill in any obvious gaps and address specific personal risk (such as early heart disease or breast cancer)
  • Schedule an executive physical exam that includes all the necessary exams and labs.
  • Develop a long-term calendared plan to track the specific findings associated with the patient’s unique risk. Calendar the specific events required to capture those metrics. This could include weekly blood pressure readings for clients with hypertension, semiannual blood draws for those clients with elevated cholesterol or annual mammograms for clients at high risk for breast cancer.
  • Keep score. Now that you have identified the key metrics associated with the client’s long-term health, track them. Ensure compliance with the plan by making it easy for the client; utilize their personal support staff as much as possible. Additionally coordinate exams such as blood draws to occur at the client’s residence at their convenience.

Once this is done Dr. Carlin then establishes a customized scoring system to track the individuals health needs. Compliance with this system is tracked by a clinical support team to ensure that goals are met.

Dr. Carlin also believes that the single biggest unmanaged risk for the high net worth family is a medical emergency. As he noted in Private Wealth Magazine (July/August 2011), the risk of the high net worth family is compounded by three variables which the average person does not bring to the table: they often reside and travel to areas with limited care resources, like ranches and tropical islands, they are often too busy to manage all the records and details of personal health and the need for total privacy is non negotiable.  For these reasons he underscores the importance of the high net worth family to be aware of the advances in telemedicine and the growth of concierge medicine. When used together with traditional medicine they provide two key resources for the high net worth family- immediate diagnosis and treatment (no matter where in the world the family member is) and longevity planning (a formal customized strategy designed and monitored to achieve maximum health).

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ALL OF THIS UNDERSCORES the Importance of Long Term Care Insurance no matter what the level of wealth is Long term care insurance allows you to:

  • own the responsibility to protect yourself
  • maintain independence
  • preserve dignity
  • the system of care attached to the policy may lead to getting you faster care
  • protects health of caregiver
  • there may be no family members living near by who can help you
  • protects the inheritance of the children
  • in second marriages protects the income and assets of the health spouse
  • expands care options

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