How Can I Ask My Husband to Include Me in Estate Planning Meetings?

Protect Your Assets: Question and Answer with Patricia M. Annino, Esquire

Question:  My husband handles all of the financial and legal affairs for the family. Recently he went to the estate planning attorney to have the documents updated to take new tax changes into account. We are in a very good marriage and I trust my husband to handle the financial affairs. I would like to be included in all estate planning discussions and meetings. How do I discuss this with him without sending the message that I am not sure that he is properly handling the estate plan?

AnswerBecoming actively involved in your family estate plan is very important and qualitatively different than your other family financial goals. After all, if your husband dies before you he will not be involved and that may be the key starting point in the discussion.

It is important that you understand what will happen if he becomes disabled or dies. Is your income secure? Who has he designated to be in charge? If it is not you then what is your role?

If he owns a business should it be sold? Who are the likely buyers? Who does he trust? Who are the advisors? Have you met them? What do the documents say? Are you restricted on the assets or how they can be used? How are they compensated? Can that be negotiated?

It is important to try to have these questions answered when there is an opportunity to change the answers.

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