Donor Education – Educating Major Gift/Large Scale donors

Donate ImageWith large scale donors, the focus can be more on the actual output of gifts since they typically have more specific long term goals of giving compared to the low level donors.

Due to the size of their gifts, large scale donors will be interested in knowing more about tax policies and the benefits of giving large scale gifts outright compared to giving through planned giving methods.

It may be wise to incorporate into the program financial advisors who can help make donors feel secure and realize how much wealth they do have. Once donors feel more secure and are more aware of the extent of their wealth, they may donate a larger gift.

The education method must be tailored to the individual donor and what his/her goals/purposes of giving are. For example, if donors want to sponsor a fellowship, it would be good to have them meet other fellows currently in the position. In that way, they could get an idea of what type of fellowship they would be supporting and the positive contribution their gift can have.

It would also be wise to educate, cultivate, and motivate your potential major donor contacts by getting them better acquainted with your CEO and the mission and vision of your organization.  You can organize meetings with leadership or invite donors to special VIP events.

Education is a process and can have a long lead time. It can take an amazingly long time to motivate the larger scale donor sufficiently  so that he/she is giving at the target level.  The more that the donor becomes comfortable with understanding the advantages (tax, financial and social) to gifting, sees the effect of the gift and receives acknowledgement for having made the gift, the more likely it is that he/she will be comfortable with increasing his/her level of gifting.

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