Cracking the $$ Code

Cracking the $$ Code by Patricia Annino

Cracking The $$ Code: What Successful Men Know & You Don’t (Yet)

Practical getting-ahead lessons from a successful woman who learned it in the trenches. In addition to practical tips and strategies you’ll also learn:

  • How to recognize your own value and get paid what you deserve
  • Set goals and understanding the importance of contracts as a value proposition
  • Understanding the importance of strategic partners and mentors
  • Creating your best image by putting thought and organization into it
  • Understanding the importance of taking risks and how to win the race through persistence
  • Feeling comfortable investing in yourself and your career

A must read for women who want to be successful in life
September 11, 2009
By Bob Waskiewicz (Wintersville, OH)

Patricia M, Annino has written a great book for Women who want to be successful in life.The chapters have everything from setting goals,Knowing your own worth,and taking risks.  Patricia writes that women spend a great amount of time focusing on the needs and wants of everyone else in there lives,but themselves.This is a key Strength,but also a key weakness.  She uses an example of the flight attendant telling you to put the oxygen mask over your own face first,before your young child.You have to take care of yourself first before you have the strength to take care of everyone else. “Cracking the Money code” teaches you how to be as successful as Men.There’s even websites for Image consultants and Strategic coaches to help even more. The last page has a great quote from Carrie Fisher that sums up this entire book,”There is no point at which you can say,”Well I’m successful now, I might as well take a nap.”


Strongly recommend for young women starting out
November 26, 2009
By Jane A. Emerson “Been There” (Chicago, IL)

Ms. Annino’s book was an easy read with useful insights. I am 50 and have lived through most of the scenarios described by Ms. Annino but did not implement her advice because her book hadn’t been written yet. While I garnered advice that I can use now in my current workplace, I strongly recommend this work as must read for young women starting out in their careers. You may think you know everything about the struggles of women in the workplace but I thought the same – I was wrong. Ms. Annino uses her own career and its evolution to share and teach what she has learned the hard way. Her lessons are worth the time to read this book. You may think it doesn’t apply today but I think you will find that, when the Cracking the $$ Code: What Successful Men Know And You Don’t (Yet) situations hit you, you will remember and use Ms. Annino’s advice.


An intriguing and highly recommended read for women who want more out of their careers
November 10, 2009
By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI)

Women commonly make less than men, but is it sexism or something else? “Cracking the $$ Code: What Successful Men Know and You Don’t(yet)” is a guide to getting what you deserve as a woman of the working world. Encouraging women to fight for their own value and how to win the war for worth, Patricia Annino gives women a wide variety of tips and tricks. “Cracking the $$ Code” is an intriguing and highly recommended read for women who want more out of their careers.