Cracking the Code: Trust Your Gut

If the situation does not seem right at the beginning, or the client does not seem like a good fit at the beginning, act accordingly.  In my entire career that has never changed. When it starts off wrong it ends up wrong. Dreaming and hoping that it will turn around is foolish. If something does not seem right at the beginning, just don’t get involved.

The corollary to that lesson is, if you have ignored your gut and are now in a situation that is sinking, get out of it. When everyone at home knows because you crossed the threshold in a foul mood and took it out on them, when your secretary is afraid to put the call through because she knows who it is on the phone, get out of it.

As a lawyer I have learned to say: “For whatever reason this is just not working. You have paid me this, and I am giving it all back to you-a 100% refund. Find another lawyer. We are done.” (And I follow that up with a letter.)

We all know that life is a journey-not a destination. And that journey should be filled with lifelong learning-not just about your core competence, which is an obvious ongoing need but about skills that are related. Go to experts and invest in yourself to improve yourself on a regular basis.

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  1. This holds true regardless of the type of business. As realtors, we find ourselves in similar positions either with sellers or buyers. Lessons have been learnt. Many times, we keep thinking; let’s hang in there since we have already devoted so much time and effort.

    Most times the outcome is not positive one. In the mean time, we can be helping others. Establishing a timeframe in advance may help when one finds themselves in these situations.

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