Cracking The Code: Set Goals

Too many women start off in their careers, their businesses or their jobs without a compass or a plan. They don’t know where they want to end up, and they don’t chart their course to achieve what they want. Successful men always have goals they are not afraid to state. (“I intend to be the number one salesman.” “I intend to make one million dollars.” “I intend to be the best in the region, and here is how I am going to do that.”)

 Steve Scott, author of Mentored by a Millionaire and Master Strategies for SuperAchievers points out that if you were leaving on a two week cross country vacation to a destination you had never driven to before, you would never consider taking the trip without consulting a map or at least taking one with you. Knowing you only have a limited amount of time you would want to make the vacation the best possible vacation.

You would pick the destination in advance, study the various routes and select the ones that met your goal for an enjoyable, efficient trip. 

Once you start on your journey, you would continually check your progress because you really value the time off from work and the opportunity it affords you and your family to have a great time together. As Mr. Scott points out, even though no one would ever start a vacation without first determining her destination and using a map to reach it, 97% of all adults drive through life without clearly defining their desired destinations and following a map to reach them. 

Even worse, they let circumstances and other people dictate where they go and when to change their direction. How sad that all of those people take the time and effort to determine their destinations, routes and plans for their vacations, but miss the opportunities to fulfill their dreams for the other 50 weeks of the year, year in and year out.  

The ability to set goals effectively is a skill we all have and most of us underuse.

 Patricia Annino is a sought after speaker and nationally recognized authority on women and estate planning.  She educates and empowers women to value themselves and their contributions in order to ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS in the world – and in so doing PROTECT THEMSELVES, those they love, and the organizations they care about.  Annino recently announced the release of an updated version of her successful book, Women and Money: A Practical Guide to Estate Planning to include recent changes in the laws that govern how we protect our assets during and beyond our lifetime.  Annino’s book is an exhortation, resource and trusted companion for women in all facets of life.  To purchase the book visit: or for more about Annino, visit:


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