Cracking the Code: Play Oustide the Box

For those of us who can articulate anything, argue any position and convince ourselves verbally of whatever we want to hear, a nice exercise is to stop talking and start drawing. That brings another part of the brain to the problem-solving party. In addition to lists and goal setting I now also draw maps. 

To determine who was giving me clients and why, for example, I bought a large poster board and magic markers. First I wrote down my most significant client relationships. Then I back tracked, remembering the connections that brought each of those clients to my door-who introduced me to them, where they came from.

I drew arrows and lines to visualize relationships, and it led to an amazing conclusion: Most of my biggest clients came from connections that originated with only three people I have known for at least 15 years-talk about a visualization. To me that underscored the value of those relationships and I do not think I would have otherwise intuited how important they were.

It also made me understand that the 80/20 rule (the principal that in any situation 20% of the people are responsible for 80% of the results) happens with relationships too.

After I saw how rewarding and enlightening this exercise was, I began to visually map out goals too. If I wanted to increase penetration in a certain geographical area or through a certain center of influence, then I would buy a poster board and put the names of everyone I could think of, whether I had met them or not, on that poster board. Then with a different color marker I linked the people I thought knew each other-or who I thought should know each other-together. 

It is a different and effective way to explore and expand your mind. 

Patricia Annino is a nationally recognized authority on women and estate planning.  She educates and empowers women to value themselves and their contributions in order to ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS in the world – and in so doing PROTECT THEMSELVES, those they love, and the organizations they care about.  For more visit:



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