Cracking The Code: Know Your Own Worth

Women tend to spend most of their time striving to excel, going for the “A” and focusing on external approval (“Atta girl, great job!) to derive a sense of accomplishment.

Going for the “A”, however, is a weak and singular goal.

Men understand that they can go for the “A” and also go for making good money; and, in fact, these are not mutually exclusive concepts.  Nor are they concepts that conflict; they are collaborative concepts that go together, and when they do, you can achieve greater success. You can achieve the “A” more often and earn more money as well.

Because by nature women base their success on their relationships to others, they often make choices that are not in their best interest. Barbara Stanny, the pioneer in the field of women, money and self esteem and author of “Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money: and “Secrets of Six Figure Earning Women:  Surprising Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Life” says the reason women don’t earn what they should is not because of any external force, but rather an internal force that stems from the way they have been mapping their lives.

Women give more of their time away than men do.

They undervalue themselves. They give breaks to people they feel sorry for (regardless of that person’s ability to pay), and they do not value themselves economically. Women will get a second job to earn more money, rather than insisting on getting what they deserve to earn in their core job.


  1. Patricia, your articles hit home – thank you for adding such value and reminding us of our value and not to under-cut our worth in the workforce.

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