Cracking the Code: Create Your Own Review!

In most positions as an employee you are “reviewed” on an annual basis. That is when you are called in and your strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement are summarized. You are told where you stand, and often this review is tied to your compensation/bonus/career track. Many women make this a one-way process. They expect to be judged, and they listen to what is said.

A better idea is to take the time in advance to review all your accomplishments and write them down.

After all, who knows better than you what you are doing and what value you bring to the organization?

In one of my first associate positions I knew that I was going to be reviewed, and I was pretty sure no one understood what I had accomplished, so I put together a ten page report on what I had done. The report was not just a list. It had numbers in it-ways that my results had driven revenue, client relationships that had been strengthened because of my involvement, ideas and directions I had suggested. It also included a listing of ideas and strategies I was currently working on. I knew what was important to the firm, and I made sure that my report addressed all of those factors and my contributions.

The managing partner and committee were taken aback by the amount of work I had put into it. They told me they had never seen anything like that. At the end of the report I asked for a certain dollar bonus, and I received it. I later found out that the bonus I asked for was the highest bonus given to any associate that year.

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