Cracking the Code: Connections Build Business

Men take the importance of connections seriously and put together a game plan on how to leverage them and make them business networks imageeffective. One of the first law firms I worked in had an annual Christmas party for its important clients. The lawyers in the office were handpicked. You were selected that year if you were a “star” and if you had the opportunity to increase the depth of the relationship between the firm and the clients.

The managing partner of that firm took building those relationships and the money expended to make it happen very seriously. Each year on the day of the Christmas party he would call into the conference room all of the selected lawyers – most of whom were older than I was and most of whom were men – and he would remind them of the rules that were to be followed at the party:

  1. No lawyer was to eat the shrimp-that was for the guests and too expensive.
  2. You had to have a glass of beer or wine in your hand so the guests felt comfortable, but you were not allowed to drink it
  3. No lawyers were to congregate and speak to each other; the point of the evening was to connect with clients.

His preplanning and “lecture” worked. Every year the firm achieved new connections, strengthened existing relationships and increased revenue from the party.

Men also understand that the entire world is connected and positive connections may prove useful later on. One of the first firms I worked in had a policy that whenever an attorney left (unless the attorney was fired) there was a lunch in his or her honor where the attorney’s contributions to the firm were applauded. That firm knew that it is a small world. That attorney could very well end up in a position to refer business back or to recommend someone in the firm for a position.

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