Women and Money by Patricia AnninoWomen & Money: A Practical Guide to Estate Planning

Women in the United States today control 75% of the total personal wealth, fill more than half the jobs and earn more than half the college degrees.

Women make up the fastest growing sector of new business owners, the fastest growing sector of the U.S. investor base and, for the first time in history, nearly half of all substantial investors – those with more than $100,000 of investable assets – are WOMEN!

Yet, most American women have not yet taken steps to put the legal mechanisms in place through estate planning that will protect their assets, their families, and themselves.

This book is for YOU!

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Front CoverIt’s More Than Money, Protect Your Legacy

Is each generation of your family aware of the “family brand” – the foundational values you want them all to share? Have you discussed the objectives – in business or philanthropy or investments or family activities – that will translate those values into a family plan?  Do you have the enabling structure (legal estate and business planning documents,  financial investments and the team of advisors) in place to carry out the plan?

Most families cannot answer “yes” to all these questions.

Directed at the “Captain of the ship” the head of the family, but written in a way that is accessible to all interested family members,  It’s More Than Money: Protect Your Legacy explains how to:

* Focus on what your values are,

* Align those values with your goals,

* Work with your team of advisors to put in place the legal documents and financial framework that will…

* Protect you, your family, your charities and your legacy.

It’s More Than Money: Protect Your Legacy is both a how-to-do- it blueprint and a handbook designed to provoke family discussion, understanding and unity.

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Women in Family Business by Patricia AnninoWomen in Family Business: What Keeps You Up at Night?

Annino addresses the psychology, relational and financial issues impacting women in family owned businesses: wives who want their husbands to retire; mothers who want to treat their children fairly; widows who don’t know whether to keep or sell the business; stepmothers who feel like outsiders; daughters who want their fathers’ approval; sisters who want the same opportunities as their brothers; and even a daughter-in-law or sister-in-law who wants to be treated with respect.

Written by a team of advisors, each of whom has more than two decades of experience consulting for family businesses.

This book provides women with the survival tools for taking care of themselves and their families.

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Cracking the $$ Code by Patricia AnninoCracking The $$ Code: What Successful Men Know & You Don’t (Yet)

Practical getting-ahead lessons from a successful woman who learned it in the trenches. In addition to practical tips and strategies you’ll also learn:

  • How to recognize your own value and get paid what you deserve
  • Set goals and understanding the importance of contracts as a value proposition
  • Understanding the importance of strategic partners and mentors
  • Creating your best image by putting thought and organization into it
  • Understanding the importance of taking risks and how to win the race through persistence
  • Feeling comfortable investing in yourself and your career

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